Main activities and responsibilities

Engineering project cell is for the planning and implementation of approved projects under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, Rajiv Awas Yojana and other projects.There are two sub-Mission’s- Mission Urban Infrastructure and Governance (UIG) and Basic Services For Urban Poor (BSUP)  employed under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM). he projects approved under sub mission UIG are as under:

  1. B.R.T.S Pilot corridor: A 23.95 km B.R.T.S Pilot corridor is being build from Misrod to Bairagarh under the project. The work upto The Regional Research Laboratory section has been completed till now and the rest is in progress. Apart from this the construction of the over bridge from Habibganj Railway Station and flyover at Indira Gandhi Chauraha is also in progress under this project. The work of 77 bus stops on the BRTS Corridor is also going on with PPP mode. Amount of Rs 23908.25 lakh has been spent in the project so far.
  2. Bhopal Municipal Water Distribution System Project: Under this Project the work of  62 overhead tanks and laying of 1428 distribution ducts is going on. And as mentioned about overhead tanks 14 out of 62 overhead tanks work has been completed and water supply has also been started from them as the rest of the tanks works are in progress. Within the project 98.50 km feeder main and and 750 km of feeder distribution ducts are laid and order for 1.88 lakh consumer meters are also given and 40 thousand meters has been undertaken to be set up.Till now expenditure of Rs 21618.50 lakh has been made so far in this project.
  3. Narmada Water Augmentation Project: Under this project 75 km pipeline has been laid from Shahganj to Bhopal. Master Balancing Service Reservoir has been installed at pump house in Ahmadpur and Vidhan Sabha Bhavan. The project work has been completed and pure drinking water is supplied from the month of July 2011 to Bhopal city. Till now Rs. 30581.20 lakh has already been spent in this project.
  4. Channelization Of Sewer Project: Under This Project, the five major drains of Bhopal’s Channelization is being undertaken. Channelization Of Shahpura sewer, Panchsheel Nagar sewer, Slaughter's house has been completed, whereas the Channelization of Patra Sewer and Sanjay Nagar Sewer is on the way of completion. So far amount of Rs 2868.77 lakh has been spent.
  5. Purchasing of Modern Low Floor Buses Project: Under this project, 225 Modern Low Floor Buses have been purchased out of which 205 have been received and 12 are operating on road. So far amount of Rs 4667.26 lakh has been spent.
  6. Cable Stay Bridge At Kamla Park: Acceptance BRTS project under JNNURM plan Cable Stay Bridge Kamla park construction project cost is Rs. 2734 Lakh has been approved by the Indian government.Invitation for Tender has been issued for cable stay from kamla park to Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma Chauraha. Tenders received so far are in the procedure for approval.
  7. Development of the Walk-Way and Bicycle Track: The government of India has provided the approval of Rs. 1647.12 lakh for the development of Walk-Way and Bicycle Track under JNNURM Scheme. Tender’s amounting Rs.13.35 Crores have been invited of development of Walk-Way and Bicycle Track.
  8. Supplementary DPR of BRTS Project: For BRTS Project the amount of the supplementary DPR of the project is Rs. The Government of India has provided 8276 lakhs acceptance.
  9. Under Sub-Mission UIG the developmental project work of Maharana Pratap Nagar, New Kabaad khaana and Water supply in gas effected areas has been completed.