Main activities and responsibilities:

The main responsibility of the public relation office and public library under the municipal corporation is to promote and propogate the public welfare oriented schemes, day today activities , developmental plans and other activities done by the corporation through the medium of communications such as electronic media, newspapers,FM radio etc. Event organized by the municipality, the program, the Council meeting, the meeting etc., from time to time by the Corporation's arrangements and arrangements with the responsibility of organizing mass awakening campaign is also there with this department. Development work to be undertaken by the Corporation related to advertising revenue and other schemes / tender to be published in newspapers and electronic media is the responsibility of the same branch. This year the corporation's public relations department issued press releases MP. Governance, urban development and environment department and the Corporation's website be displayed on the website is launched. While making the  public relations office and library Ambedkar high-tech 'thumb impression machine' and CCTV Cameras have been set. Currently the public relations branch office was moved to CFC.