The department has got following branches under it:

  1. Department of Revenue
  2. Property Tax Department
  3. Project Department
  4. Sahukari Registration Section
  5. Marriage Registration

Department of Revenue - Functions and Duties: -

  1. Revenue related to the tax, the collection of rental fees and charges etc. The supervision and zones / wards inspection.
  2. To obtain income from immovable property of the Corporation. And renew Permanent lease.
  3. To provide the ponds and fisheries located under the corporation area on lease on the basis of government policies.
  4. To mark the places in the cities where the paid parking/Bazaar Fees (Tehbazaari) can be charged or to invite private contract tenders for collection.
  5. To Supervise and renew business licenses of different types issued from zonal offices.
  6. Assign the tenancy or lease shops / plots predominance of the transfer of authority to the prevailing rules.
  7. To maintain and safeguard the records of the assets of the corporation.
  8. To allow running ferry in ponds which are under the ownership of corporation.
  9. Nightshelters (Rain Basera) and supervision of activities in night shelters Ramroti plan.
  10. The allocation of corporation houses work.

Property Tax Department - Functions and Duties:

  1. The Collection is been done through 85 ward offices and 8 CFCs by the municipal corporation.
  2. To issue the property tax, consolidated, general water user charges, service charges, user charges Urban Development cess and education cess assessment and recovery, demand letters and notices to taxpayers.
  3. To attach or auction the properties/rent amount of non-paying tax payers / defaulters.
  4. Determining the annual rental values of the properties along with associated taxes on yearly basis.  
  5. Determining the tax rates per year on the basis of area (Parikshetra).
  6. Providing discounts in case of payment of property tax in advance and levying surcharge in case of late payment during the fiscal year.

Project's Department - Functions and Duties:

Seven kanji houses are been built under the Govardhan Pariyojana Section in order to control the stray animals roaming at squares and public places. They are caught and kept in custody unless they are not released by the concerned owners. And those animals that are not released and are sick and injured are picked up from the streets for treatments and are sent to sahara asharam. Kanji house is operated under Animal Torture Act, 1871 and the state animal control operation is carried out under the 1976 Act. Complaints against illegal dairies are been supervised and actions are done as per rule through the Govardhan Pariyojana Shakha.

Sahukari Registration Section  - Functions and Duties: 

Registration of Sahukari is done through borrowing 02 passport size photo, copy of bank passbook to introduce copy of tax returns, ownership records and the prescribed fee is Rs. 1100 / - 03 day money-lending on deposits along with the prescribed forms for registrations.

Marriage Registration Section - Functions and Duties:

            Madhya Pradesh Special Marriage Act of 1954 under Rule 14 of section 4 by making registration of marriages compulsory task has been assigned to civic bodies. The rules are in effect from January 23, 2008.